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Tales of a Space Explorer
Escape from planet Earth

You crashed on Earth. Your spaceship fell apart after being attacked by a gigantic creature from this world, a terrifying sparrow.

As Spinny, a bold and tiny space explorer, you'll find your way through mazes, dodge traps and fix your spaceship to get back home.

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Sharpen your piloting skills

Spinny's Journey is a very challenging 2D action-puzzle game. You'll fly with your spaceship and search for the pieces to repair it.

The game will challenge your skills and resilience with its simple to learn and hard to master gameplay.

  • Explore exotic and beautiful places
  • Fly your way through maze-like levels
  • Avoid walls, traps and dangers from this world
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Colourful and happy vibes

The art of Spinny's Journey is bucolic, colourful and joyfully alive. Catchy and adventurous musics will carry you on this journey.

Every area will amaze you with its vibrant hand-drawn art.

Explore the world of Spinny's Journey for its ambience and challenges.

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